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Experiment on the Linear Increase in Efficiency with Multiple Moving Magnets over Pulsed Inductors

Jeffrey N. Cook
Year: 2012 Pages: 15
Keywords: over unity, zero point energy, torsion field
I have prepared an experimental apparatus consisting of an inductor and five reversible DC motors, used as DC electrical generators, hooked to ring magnets suspended above the inductor whose radii are ninety degrees from the radius of the inductor and hooked from belts to the motors. I then DC pulse the inductor causing the magnets to experience three motions, but confine all energy with the belt to the rotational motion alone, which turns the motors. I include many iterations of varied waveforms and different numbers of generators in order to measure the power IN to the inductor and OUT from the reversible DC motors, used as electrical generators (not hooked to the same electrical circuit with the inductor in any way). I have measured over many iterations and varied resistive loads (though only a ten Ohm load is described in this paper for sake of straight forward simplicity) that the COP (the coefficient of power OUT divided by power IN) is greater than unity of significant magnitude when the amplified signal frequency input to the inductor is above a certain threshold, while the power IN is reduced below another threshold.