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Idealism Problems and Concept Mistakes in Modern Physics-English Version

Zifeng Li
Year: 2012 Pages: 3
Keywords: modern physics,idealism,law of causality,antimatter,relativity
There are many idealism problems in modern physics. These are (1) denying the relationship between sense and existence, (2) doing not accord with the law of causality, (3) imaging the universe using deductive method of mathematics, (4) propagating the super distance effect which do not need time, (5) using wrong philosophy and physics concepts, (6) studying the origin of the universe, (7) departing from axiomatic system, (8) denying the definitions of basic physical quantities. These problems are destroying the fundaments of physics as well as the whole science. In the research of physics, we must insistent materialism, anti- idealism and anti-divine creation.