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The Result of OPERA Detector and a Review of the Theory of Special Relativity

Shukri Klinaku
Year: 2011
Keywords: Relative motion, Special relativiy, Velocity of light, review of the theory of relativity
The result of the OPERA detector about the velocity of accelerated neutrinos, published on September 2011 turns the attention toward review of the theory of special relativity (TSR). A review of TSR is made in this paper. The kinematics bases of TSR, the way of the TSR construction and the interpretation of phenomena according this theory are based on the postulate according to which the velocity of light in vacuum is constant and unsurpassed. Here are given answers at each step, starting from the basis of theory to its main interpretations of phenomena and the key moments of the physical and mathematical errors which have created TSR. For this paper we have made analysis of results from well known experiments so far as well as the result of the OPERA detector.