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On the Gravity Force

Felix F. Gorbatsevich
Year: 2011 Pages: 12
An action of a gradient medium on the body immersed into it is considered. Bodies of different size that are in a gradient medium are demonstrated to acquire the same acceleration. On the basis of the concept of the ether medium representing a regular spatial lattice consisting of particles equal in size but opposite in sign, the mechanism of gravitational attraction of physical bodies is considered. It is shown that the gradient of the gravitational field established by a physical body in the ether medium is similar to the action of the gradient medium on the immersed body. Creating the gradient of the ether elastic pressure by a physical body in the vicinity of another physical body that also creates the gradient of the ether elastic pressure in the vicinity of the first body results in a rise of an attractive force called gravitation. The closeness of the experimental gravitational constant and the value obtained from the theoretical analysis indicates that the approach we have developed is fruitful and adequate.