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Explicit Examples of Free-Space Non-Planar Electromagnetic Waves Containing Magnetic Scalar Potentials

Hector A. Munera
Octavio Guzman
Year: 2000 Pages: 8
Keywords: linearly polarized plane electromagnetic waves, non-planar electromagnetic
Electromagnetic waves (EMW) are formed by electric and magnetic fields, both together solution of Maxwell?s equations. The magnetic field is solenoidal always, while the electric field is solenoidal in charge-neutral regions only.  Hence, conventionally, free-space electromagnetic fields are transverse to the direction of propagation; also, there exists a electric scalar potential but not a magnetic companion. Contrarywise, for the same homogeneous case, we exhibit explicit examples to show that: (a) Longitudinal magnetic fields are compatible with linearly polarized non-planar EMW, and (b) Magnetic scalar potentials are compatible with EMW. The direction of propagation of non-planar EMW oscillates around the direction of propagation of the plane EMW.