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Measurement of the Flux Density Between Magnets in Attractive and Repulsive Mode

Jaroslav J. Kopernicky
Year: 2011 Pages: 3
Force measured between permanent magnets or solenoid coils shows without exception repulsion weaker than attraction. This became the subject of our interest for some time (since its repeated appearance from 1973). In correspondence with Galilean Electrodynamics in 2001 we suggested that if the attractive force between equal and unlike electric charges slightly exceeded the repulsive forces between equal and like electric charges, the difference could account for gravity. Assuming that the field of force between two magnets is related and in proportion to the density and geometry of the flux of magnetic field, to test further the asymmetry (mentioned above) we decided to perform precise measurements of B?density of the flux between two neodymium disc magnets. It was done in attractive and repulsive mode.