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Now We Can Explore the Universe

Harvey L. Morgan
Year: 1998 Pages: 6
IEEEAES Systems Magazine, January 1998, pp. 1-10. The scientific myth: ?Nothing can go faster than light!? is not true. Experimental results of tests on non-inductive cable have established that electrical currents, which have a small mass, can go much faster than light. The velocity of propagation (VOP) measured by determining signal current wavelength, could not be distinguished from infinite VOP. The theoretical basis for the experimental work is an equation from electromagnetics, used for decades by communications engineers and also the theoretical basis for Lenz\'s laws of physical optics: VOP = C / Sqrt(U*e), where C is the vacuum velocity of light, U is magnetic permeability and e is dielectric constant. When U or e is zero, the indicated VOP is infinite.