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Sub microscopic description of the diffraction phenomenon

Volodymyr V. Krasnoholovets
Year: 2010 Pages: 14
Keywords: wave-particle, photons, inertons, diffraction of photons

It is shown that a detailed sub microscopic consideration denies the waveparticle

duality for both material particles and field particles, such as

photons. In the case of particles, their ψ-wave function is interpreted as the

particle?s field of inertia and hence this field is characterised by its own field

carriers, inertons. Inertons and photons are considered as quasi-particles,

excitations of the real space constructed in the form of a tessel-lattice. The

diffraction of photons is explained as the deflection of photons from their

path owing to transverse flows of inertons, which appear in the substance

under consideration at the decay of non-equilibrium phonons produced by

transient photons.