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Theory of Origin & Phenomenon of Life

Mohammad Shafiq Khan
Year: 2010 Pages: 6
Keywords: Origin of life,universe,vitalism.energy,creation,soul,matter,revitalism
Origin of life and understadning the universe had been the matter of inquisition to mankind. A new theory is put forward here that could also be called " Revitalism" compared to the vitalism of previous two centuries. So far sceince has not visualised that besides matter and electromagnetic radiation any form of 'energy' can exist. Now having realized that there could be dark energy. which has been proved to be existing (vide ' Energy theory of matter and cosmology' written by the author in the same name). Sceintist with an open mind should look for forms of ' energies' so as to better understand the universe, matter and life forms. There is an ' energy' which acts as the source of life in different life forms. ' Soul, whichn is also in the form of energy, does not interact directly with the matter or electromagnetic radiations but interacts directly with the ' energy' which forms the source of life. So it would be far more difficult proposition to understand the ' energy' which constitutes the ' soul'. the study of ' energy' which forms the source of life is very much possible because it interacts with the matter when in the form of cells. A fresh view of all the life sceinces is required so as to have the perfect understading of phenomenon of life.