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Breaking the Dash/Cross Codes of the Rule-of-Signs

Jack Kuykendall
Year: 2005
On January 7, 2005, Jack Kuykendall made a major math discovery. Jack broke the dash (-), cross (+) symbol codes which solved a major math mystery. The mystery was,"why no proof exists that a negative times a negative is equal to a positive?" The answer is simple. It is incorrect. The BK Bi-Lateral Broken Symmetry number line must be abandoned for the AK-Symmetry number line. The discovery is that the Rule-of-Signs IS INCORRECT. Specifically,
  • A negative times a negative is not equal to a positive.
  • A positive times a negative is not equal to a negative.
This means that all math, physics and chemistry books must be rewritten to correct for the errors. This also means that all computer and calculator software must be rewritten.

Here are a few examples of physics subjects that must be rewritten using AK-Symmetry math. The discovery removes the following from math equations:

  • Imaginary numbers
    • Schrodinger's equation
    • Many quantum mechanical equations
  • Absolute values
  • Negatives and positive numbers
    • Einstein's special relativity equations