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Defining the Instant of ?Now?

Robert L. Henderson
Year: 2011 Pages: 2
According to the classical definition of ?time??i.e., that it is uniform throughout the universe?the instant of ?now? is perceived to exist simultaneously at all points in the universe. However, according to Einstein?s special theory of relativity, where time is not uni-form throughout the universe, the instant of ?now? is not perceived to exist simul?taneously at all points in the universe. For this reason, Einstein be?lieved it was not possible to arrive at a mean?ingful definition of the instant of ?now.? It is believed, however, that if one will compare the understanding of the instant of ?now? that derives from the classical definition of ?time? with the understanding that derives from the special-relativistic definition of ?time,? that it may help in arriving at a true, rational definition of both ?time? and the instant of ?now.?