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Dual Dilemma From Faradays? Law ? Constructive Fraud at the Foundation of Electrodynamics

Stewart Ian Wells
Year: 2008 Pages: 8
The original formulation of Faraday?s Law (the motivation of an electric current in a conductor about a region of expanding magnetic flux), and its well-known expression in Maxwell?s fourth equation (the generation of an actual electric field circulation about such a region of magnetic flux change) are examined in the context of energy and angular momentum conservation. It is shown that these formulations, especially Maxwell?s equation, directly violate both conservation laws ?i.e., the First Law of Thermodynamics and the Third Law of Motion. Several idealized descriptive arrangements of experimental apparatus are employed in demonstrating the persistent fallacies in the conceptions of electromagnetic relations from the very outset of their theoretical development: various systems of free charges, co-axial coils and rotating charged wheels display specific (though unintentional) conflicts with basic laws of mechanics ?evidence of ?constructive fraud?? and point to the need for a thorough re-evaluation of the premises of electrodynamics. Several possible directions toward reformulation are briefly critiqued; more studied attention is then devoted to an Ether Traction-Compression Hypothesis to resolve the issues.