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Where the Shape of the Egg Comes From?

Marvin Eli Kirsh
Year: 2011 Pages: 28
Keywords: mind and matter, ?the concept, mathematical model of the egg, location place and identity; negative selection; contingency and cause and effect, language and instinct, form and space, Russell?s Parado
The shape of the egg is proposed to be the consequence of synergistic actions from the transmission of forces derived from instinctual motions and energy matter conversions that act to obstruct the grounding and neutralization of energy emissions by  limiting in size the physical domain of self witness. A philosophy and theory associating, atemporal in nature, form and emergence is evolved from  logical considerations for the construction of a  mathematical/geometrical model of the egg that is generated from a template construed from simple geometrical considerations.   The acquisition of instinct as the setting/identity  associated propagation of motion to avoid closed space is discussed in relation to cause and effect, the universal attribute of contingency and a special verses general case to describe the world. Analogy is made between the proposed natural transmission of the transparent/conceptual egg form, expressed physically at important nodes in the course of biological propagation to the philosophy of self- belonging of Bertrand Russell.