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Why No Theory Based On Einstein's Principle Of Equivalence Can Tell What Gravitation Is

Ionel Dinu
Year: 2008 Pages: 5
Keywords: gravitation
The present work criticizes the principle of equivalence as an assumption that purposely blurs the distinction between gravitation and inertia. It is shown that Einstein sets artificial limits to the means by which an observer can distinguish between the two situations he can find himself in, i.e. between a gravitational field and an accelerated platform. We argue that an observer can, if he so wishes, discern between gravitation and inertia and has any right to consider them two different manifestations of nature. Recognizing the limitations brought in by the principle of equivalence offers us the right to reject any conclusion stemming from it and, in particular, to object to the fact that Einstein's General Theory of Relativity can offer any explanation at all regarding the true cause and nature of the gravitational force.