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Nucleus-Nucleus Collision

Ricardo L. Carezani
Year: 1998 Pages: 11
Keywords: neutrino, special relativity, autodynamics
Part of the smaller Linear Momentum Transfer (LMT) found in Nucleus-Nucleus collision is explained by the application of autodynamics equations. The "missing mass" or "missing momentum" in RaE, 238U, muon decay and similar phenomena like anomalous mean pass, electron-electron and proton-proton annihilation, all have in common that the failure to explain the experimental values found is due to the application of special relativity equations. Autodynamics equations apply to these phenomena and explain precisely the results obtained experimentally. The momentum sum of all the products after compound nucleus fission has only a limited relation to the original projectile's momentum. In nucleus-nucleus collision, the "missing momentum" is inherent to the phenomenon itself. Looking at the experimental energies found causes a new idea to arise as proposed in this paper: a chain reaction.