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Black Holes - Fact or Fiction?

John O. Campbell
Year: 1998 Pages: 6
Keywords: Mass, Gravity Field, Schwarzschild's Criterion, Black hole, Schwarzschild
By using mundane static concepts of ?mass? and ?gravity field? energies, it is shown that: (1) Schwarzschild\'s criterion for black hole formation translates into a critical ratio of mass energy to gravity field energy ~rn/gF < 4; (2) Five objections to black holes are: (a) The scape velocity equation does not apply to light, (b) Curved space-time is a geometrical-physical delusion, (c) Curved space-time is incompatible with both the Lorentz transforms and pure mathematics, (d) The Doppler effect proves light is not affected by the space-time continuum, and (e) Kirchhoffs law for black body radiation is violated; (3) The Planck particle and our Universe are incompatible concepts.