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Intrinsic Plasma Redshifts Now Reproduced in the Laboratory: A Discussion in Terms of New Tired Light

Lyndon E. Ashmore
Year: 2011 Pages: 4
Recent developments in laser induced plasma have shown that the characteristic recombination lines from atoms within the plasma itself are redshifted. Importantly, the experimental results show that the redshift of these lines increases with the free electron density of the plasma. Long predicted by exponents of alternative theories to the Big Bang, these intrinsic redshifts produced by plasma in the laboratory give credence to such theories. This paper gives an overview of the laboratory results of Chen et al and relates them to the predictions previously made by the New Tired Light Theory. The plasma induced redshift, line broadening are all as predicted by New Tired Light. A further laboratory test is suggested whereby New Tired Light predicts the wavelength of the secondary radiation ( = 0.1mm) emitted by the plasma - should New Tired Light be responsible for the redshifts. If this relatively easy and inexpensive test is carried out then it could settle the matter once and for all. Regardless of this, now that it has been shown in the laboratory that plasma induce intrinsic redshifts, will this be incorporated into the Big Bang theory? The Universe is a big place filled with plasma and these laboratory results show that this plasma induces redshifts. Experience tells me that mainstream science will ignore good science.