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The Stacy McGaugh Law: The Link Between Galaxies, Rotation Speed Link and Visible Mass

Christian Sutterlin
Year: 2011
Keywords: Black matter, galaxies, rotation, Stacy McGaugh law
Galaxies do not rotate in accordance with general relativity, nor indeed with the law of Newton. The gas and stars in galaxies rotate at constant speed. Worse, their speed exceeds that which can be calculate from the visible mass of galaxies. Relativists have therefore invented the invisible dark matter also called missing mass. This matter must be evenly distributed in galaxies. This phenomenon had already been found in fact for the relative motion of pairs of galaxies. At no time, the relativists have accepted this fact could question their doctrine.

Unfortunately, in 1977, astronomers discovered that the visible mass of galaxies varies with the fourth power of the rotation speed of stars. This relation between the speed of stars and the mass of their galaxy is enforcing a direct link between the visible mass and the black mass of galaxies. This result was named after the astronomer who has highlighted the most numerous and the most significant cases. It is the law of Stacy McGaugh, indeed already noticed by Tully and Fisher in 1977. This link between dark matter and visible mass is entirely contrary to the theory of General Relativity. The tragedy is that many experiments designed to highlight the famous black mass since the middle of last century have failed.