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The Marinov Motor, Notional Induction without a Magnetic B Field

Paul Wesley
Year: 1998 Pages: 7
Keywords: Marinov motor, Lorentz-Maxwell theory
The force F of induction on a charge q due to a slowly time changing magnetic vector potential A is F= -qdAdtc= -q?A?tc-q1V ??6Ac, where V=v-v? is the relative velocity between the charge q with a velocity v and the source of the A field with the velocity v? . For the Marinov motor, described below, v? = 0 , ?A ?t=0 , ??A = 0 and B= ?A= 0 , so the force driving the motor is given by -q1v??6Ac, and the Lorentz-Maxwell theory, requiring a B field to produce a ponderomotive force, fails.