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Subduction: The Extent and Duration

Neal Adams
Year: 2011 Pages: 3
True provable subduction, its location and extent, has been the burden and responsibility of geology sinceits acceptance as the answer to the spreading of the oceanic plate of Earth for the last 180 million years (as wellas proposed for billions of years), of rifting and spreading. Since melted, subducted plate can't be physically measured, its extent and duration can be inferred, deduced and measured from known facts and measurable extant oceanic plate. For this we will make a clear distinction between pure factual data and conclusions drawn from this data. Areas of concern:
  1. How much oceanic plate has been produced at the rifts over the last 180 million years in succeeding 10 million year segments?
  2. Method (and result) of finding area of subducted plate.
  3. Goal: To COMPARE the amount and duration of subduction to rift spread and added crust.