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Verifying Evidence for the Predictions of The Special Theory of Reality

Robert F. Beck
Year: 2011 Pages: 18
The Special Theory of Reality was formulated from October 2003 on and first published in e-book (2004) and paperback (2005) form towards the end of 2004 and early 2005. In shortened form it was submitted to and considered by the NPA in 2006, with mass, general relativity, gravity and anti-gravity explored further in an NPA paper of 2007. The 2006 paper was very long because it covered a very wide range of phenomena (too long for inclusion in paper form in the proceedings) and contained a long and diverse list of predictions, some supported by experimental, observational and other evidence. This paper summarizes all such evidence gathered to date, firstly as set out in the 2007 paper, with clarifications. The work of over 40 others is now cited.