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Introduction: History of the B(3) Field

Myron W. Evans
Year: 1997 Pages: 4
Keywords: inference of the B(3) field, subsequent history, lack of objectivity

The inference of the B(3) field was made in December 1991 after my return to Cornell from a year at the University of Zurich working on the inverse Faraday effect. Its subsequent history is recorded here to illustrate the lack of objectivity among some physicists in the present era. The erosion of the traditional right of reply is also illustrated by these events.

The first papers on B(3) were published in Physica B, 182, 227, 237 (1992) after some revision. They were probably refereed by Peter Atkins of Oxford, but I cannot be sure of this. The referee made the usual comment that the hypothesis should be tested experimentally.