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A New Theory for Important New Technologies

Cynthia Kolb Whitney
Year: 2011 Pages: 9
This paper responds to two of the 2010 NPA Conference offerings: 1) a presentation concerning the current status of ?Cold Fusion', and 2) a paper discussing the properties and behavior of ?Brown's Gas'. The objective of the present paper is to provide a unified theoretical understanding of the experimental facts from both of those technologies. The basis for this theoretical understanding has been developing for about ten years, with most of the foundational ideas having been introduced at earlier NPA conferences, and then presented in a variety of other venues, under the general title ?Algebraic Chemistry'. The experimental facts of Cold Fusion and of Brown's Gas appear to be consistent with the theoretical framework provided by Algebraic Chemistry. That framework now promises to offer practical guidance on matters such as choosing materials, conditions, etc., to maximize the efficiency of the new technologies.