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Coulomb's Law is the Basis for Radiation Energy

Jan Olof Jonson
Year: 2011 Pages: 2
Keywords: Photon, Coulomb's law ,electromagnetic radiation
In this paper it is shown, how the energy due to electromagnetic radiation, thus far derived using the Poynting vector, can be explained using a strictly classical interpretation of Coulomb's Law. The result was achieved using earlier discoveries by this author concerning the electromagnetic force between electric currents and the effect known as electromagnetic induction. In this case the sending current corresponds to the orbiting electron and the receiving current to the current due to electromagnetic induction by a changing electric field in an antenna.

The fact that an orbiting electron does not collapse into the nucleus of its parent atom has thus far been considered a major obstacle to a classical interpretation of the behavior of orbiting electrons. In earlier papers (briefly recalled in this paper) by this author it is has been convincingly shown that a classical particle model is still capable of explaining the eternal, circular movement of an electron around a nucleus. It is possible through the usage of Coulomb?s Law in its original classical formulation. In this connection it has also been shown how the radiation due to the de-excitation of an electron can be explained classically. A mathematical model based on the product of a Dirac function multiplied with a sine wave was used. This made it possible to give the ?wave-particle paradox? a mathematical basis.