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The Gamma Factor Resolved

Francis Viren Fernandes
Year: 2011
Keywords: Gammafactor, Einstein, Bohr, Electron, Photon, Ether, Pendulum, Finestructure, Rydberg
The story continues. So the pendulum equation describes photoelectric dynamics. However, I had a problem. The Bohr radius did not match the Rydberg photon radius. Now wait a minute. 2 Rydberg photons yield the Bohr radius. I am on the train to Berlin and thinking Einstein strasse Boltzmann strasse and the solution hit me which I emailed from Germany to Relativity. Yes Einstein like many in our group did not give numbers to variables. Endless equations. The pendulum equation makes physics darn easy now. It works for any set of pairs. Binding energy is explained in this case as the energy of the Rydberg photon corresponding to 13.6 eV.