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The ALFA Model: Absolute Lab Frame and Flexible Aether

Robert J. Bennett
Year: 2011 Pages: 10
This paper challenges dissidents to escape the mainstream cage of theories imposed by fiat and adopt a science epistemology based on consistent logic and the scientific method of empirical proof by falsifiability. The Fizeau and Sagnac results will be revisited and analyzed afresh to reach two conclusions that shake the foundations of belief in cosmic architecture and composition. The Absolute Lab frame and Flexible Aether model will be shown to be consistent and supported by all experiments examined to date. This support includes tests that extend Sagnac to linear motion and mechanics, the key results of Michelson & Morley/Gale, and classic aether tests. Establishment claims that support the Earth?s rotation, revolution and translation will be subjected to logic and the scientific method. Consequences of the ALFA paradigm will be outlined.