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Unified 'No Field' Theory and the Bohr Atom

James Keele
Year: 2003 Pages: 6
Keywords: Coulomb's Law, Natural Orbit, Angular Momentum
Writing in a recent issue of Galilean Electrodynamics, Osborne and Pope proposed, and to some extent demonstrated, that all forces are due to conservation of angular momentum, and not due to gravity, electrostatic, inertia, or other forces. The central idea is that material objects, neutral mass, and charged mass, when moving in a 'natural' orbit about another body, experience no forces. Also presented was the idea that orbits, and not rectilinear motions, are the natural motions of particles. While Pope and Osborne developed the idea somewhat at the macro and micro levels, the author of the present paper re-examines these ideas at the micro level in a slightly different manner, using the Bohr Atom. What is demonstrated is that the electrical forces associated with Coulomb's Law can be attributed to angular momentum or kinetic energy moments, instead of electric charges.