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The Eight-Fold Way of the Universe

Milo M. Wolff
Year: 1997 Pages: 5
Keywords: Natural laws, vast universe, quantum waves, ether-like medium

Philosophers have often sought the origin of Natural laws in a relationship between the microscopic world and the vast universe. Until recently, before large telescopes and technology were capable of deepspace investigation, there was no knowledge to support such inquiries. But now asking relatively simple questions can provide surprising answers!

This article asks: How are units of measure, time and length as elements of the laws, communicated between particles? What distance scale do particles use to communicate their location? Where is the universal clock of time? What is the relation between laws, particles, and the universe? Surprisingly, the answers to these questions reveal eight ways of the Universe which demarcate:

  1. The character of the laws
  2. The structure of a particle
  3. The role of the universe

Using these ways, or attributes of behavior, it is concluded that:

  1. Particles must be a wave structure composed of advanced and retarded quantum waves from an oscillator whose frequency is a property of an ether-like medium.
  2. The waves link all matter together to produce Machian natural laws.
  3. These quantum waves pervade the universe to an extent previously only suspected.
  4. The natural laws are a mathematical result of the wave structure.