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Improved Relativity Theory (IRT) and the Doppler Theory of Gravity (DTG)

Ken H. Seto
Year: 2011 Pages: 6
A new physical model of our universe called Model Mechanics has been formulated. Model Mechanics posits that a structured and elastic medium called the E-Matrix occupies all of pure space. The S-Particles are the only mass bearing fundamental particles that exist in our universe. The different absolute motions of the S-Particles in the E-Matrix give rise to all the different basic particles such as the electron and quarks. Also the different absolute motions of the S-Particles or S-Particle systems give rise to all the processes and interactions in our universe. Specifically Model Mechanics gives rise to a new theory of gravity called DTG and a new theory of relativity called IRT. DTG in combination with IRT provides physical solutions to the following problematic observations of the current theories:
  1. The accelerated expansion of the far reached regions of our universe
  2. Dark energy
  3. Dark matter
  4. The horizon problem
  5. The galactic rotational curve problem
  6. The Pioneer 10 does not follow the predicted path of the current theories