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Space vs. Vacuum: Facts Show That Space isn\'t Vacuum

Aleksandr M. Tsybin
Year: 2011 Pages: 5
  1. Space unlike vacuum has temperature about three degrees on Kelvin.
  2. In space there are whirlwinds,one of which ours Galaxy(Milky Way).Well-know whirlwinds on the Earth in water and in air(cyclones,anticyclones, hurricanes).For a long time whirlwinds in atmosphere of Jupiter are know. Whirlwinds in atmosphere of Saturn are found recently out. In vacuum no whirlwinds are present.
  3. In viscous liquids there are the convective cells for the first time described by Benard and Rayleight. Such cells well-know much, as beer honeycombs. The convective cells, which parameters depend on criteries Rayleigh and Prandtl have repeatedly been received in laboratories for variety of liquids. Similar cells have been found out in 2007 and 2009 years on northern and southern poles of Saturn (Saturn\'s hexagones). Similar cells the same looking like beer honeycombs have been found out for the first time in space in 1968 year by Estonian astophysicist Einasto. The defining size of these cells 200 MPK. And this one more certificate of that space is a certain environment,instead of vacuum.
  4. Also as well as liquids and gases space has varios emptiness in sizes from 10-30 MPK (voids) to 150-200 MPK and more (supervoids). In 2009 year emptiness has been found out the size wich 3000 MPK.
  5. In 2009 year in space has been found out soliton. Till this time it was known that solitons exist in liquids,in gases and optical materials and here now in space.
  6. According to the Special Theory of Relativity (STR),the weight of a particle increases beyond all bounds with increased speed up the velocity of light in vacuum. It thus remains unclear from whence in the vacuum this additional weight arises. The STR does not answer this question. There is considers that in accelerators of elementary particles, there is a well-know effect in hydrodynamics of the attached weight, whereas so-called vacuum is filled with neutrinos.
  7. That ring of water in your kitchen sink is actually a model white hole. For the first time,scientist have shown experimentally that liquid flowing from a tap embodies the same physics as the time-reversed equivalent of black holes. The similar effect is observed in bottom bief dams.
  8. Cassini sees Saturn rings oscillate like mini-galaxy. The rings are behaving like a miniature version of our own Milky Way galaxy.