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Einstein's Lorentz Transformation is a Mathematical Game

Qing Zeng
Year: 2010 Pages: 10
Keywords: Einstein?s Lorentz transformation, positive transformation, inverse transformation, the geniture of infinite relativity theories
This paper indicates that the calculation of time dilation in relativity theory is as the indirect calculation of t' from ?positive transformation'. While, the calculation of the length contraction is different. X is gotten from the ?inverse transformation', and then x' is resolved. From the mathematical point, if we reverse the calculation methods, it will be time contraction and length dilation? In addition, this paper adopts Einstein's methods and gets W relativity theory. When W is given infinite value, there will be infinite relativity theories. From these, we can conclude that Einstein's Lorentz transformation is a mathematical magic, and it is not only without any mathematical logic, but also without any physical significance.