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The Essence of Electromagnetic Wave is not Energy

Qing Zeng
Year: 2010 Pages: 13
Keywords: energy, vector field, T.Yang experiment, physical essence, physical action
The customary opinion is: electric wave or light wave is energy, T. Yang?s experiment is the interference of energy, its shading fringes are the energy magnitude. But, this article summarizes the physical experiments to point out: the essence of electric wave is not energy, and its shading fringes are not the energy magnitude, but the amplitude magnitude of the vector field. Then, this article summarizes all the experiments of electromagnetic wave, and derives the conclusion that the essence of the electric wave is not energy. Now that the essence of electric wave is not energy, as extension, this means that Maxwell?s vector E x H (energy flux density) does not have the real physical implication, thus we can consider that electric field and magnetic field radiate independently.