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Mathematical Model of Independent Radiation Field

Qing Zeng
Year: 2010 Pages: 16
Keywords: radiation of electric wave, reception principle, inverse distance square theorem
We can think that Michelson-Morley experiment negates ether medium, so, there is no medium for electromagnetic wave to transmit. So, the motion of electromagnetic wave is not transmission, but radiation, it radiates to the outside like ray flux. Now that it is radiation, time variable electric field is supposed to be the vector field with independent radiation, and it does not need time variable magnetic field to ?bridge?. In other words, in the vacuum, because electric wave or light wave does not have the medium of oscillation-transmission, and the mass of the field is zero, the motion of the field does not need the force, so the motion of the field is a kind of radiation, it does not need another field to be ?bridge?. According to this, time variable magnetic field can radiate independently, time variable electric field can also radiate independently. The more important thing is, we benefit from the great Hertz experimental logic. Initiating from LC oscillation circuit, and gradually extends into half-wave dipole antenna, the oscillation of the current on the half-wave dipole antenna generates time variable current and time variable charges. Its electric field wave is the radiation of the time variable charges on the oscillator, its magnetic field wave is the radiation of the time variable current on the oscillator. The exchange between electric field and magnetic field is through the flow of the time variable current on the half-wave dipole. In other words, time variable electric field and time variable magnetic field are generated by the time variable motion of the metal electrons on the transmitting antenna. Furthermore, this article proves the principle of radiation model and antenna receiving signal which satisfies the inverse distance square theorem.