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Inertia and Gravitation

Felix F. Gorbatsevich
Year: 2011 Pages: 13
Keywords: Inertia, Gravitation, Inertness, Ether, Mass, Speed of Light
There are quite a lot of works dedicated to revelation of the physical essence of the body inertia [1-4]. They present the historical development of the concept of ?inertia?, various kinds of the body inertia manifestation and practical use of inertia in operating mechanisms. The notions of inertia and inertness are introduced. Some authors use the inertia and inertness notions designating one and the same body property by them. By inertia is most often meant the attempt of the body to preserve its state invariable in relation to the inertial (motionless) reference system. The most advanced formulation of the inertia properties is given in [5]: ?Every body offers resistance in attempting to put it in motion or to change the modulus or direction of its movement?. Otherwise, if no external forces act on a body from other bodies or the environment, or these forces balance each other, the body preserves the state of rest or steady rectilinear motion. This expression is, in essence, Newton's first law...