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Unified Theory and Relativity Imbroglio

Rati Ram Sharma
Year: 2010 Pages: 3
Keywords: Relativity, Special Relativity, General Relativity, Unified Theory, Aether, Eisntein, Sharmon
A wave exists in and is composed by its propagating medium. Einstein erred by replacing the physical medium for light-wave with 4-D spacetime continuum. Abstract concepts of space and time evolve from our perceptions of successive ?there, here, there? and ?then, now, then? arising from the successive motions and changes in the surroundings. These two abstract concepts cannot fuse into any tangible concrete ?spacetime ? continuum. All mufti-dimensional spacetime continua are mathematical constructs bereft of physical existence. In our Unified Theory, light-medium is the all-composing and all-pervading ?sharmon medium? composed by the new particle ?sharmon?. ?Origin? of light wave is the first 0-spin sharmon in the sharmon-medium, which receives energy quantum from the source and rises to its 1-spin state. Similarly, ?terminus? of light wave is the last 1-spin sharmon which transfers energy quantum to the target and itself returns to 0-spin state. From origin to terminus the 0-spin sharmon composed energy quantum moves as a wave-quantum unity via 1-spin sharmons which do not physically move. Creative beginning at the origin and vanishing end at the terminus makes velocity of light-wave invariant to the motions of source and target. Actually observed light velocity is not only constant and invariant to the velocities of the source and/or the target relative to the sharmon medium but also locally variable, nay superluminal or subluminal, which invalidate Relativity but are explained by Unified Theory. The light velocity c becomes c  v for the observer moving at a velocity v relative to the sharmon medium, ruling out constancy of light velocity c over the inertial frames. Since the velocity of a body cannot vary (like v) with and be invariant (like c) to, the source-target velocity at the same time, the Lorentz transforms do not describe any real motion in nature. Thence deduced ?contraction of space? and ?dilatation of time? are unrealistic demands on nature to change to fit their mathematics. Bending of light in a gravitational field follows in Unified Theory with photon having mass without curving the 4-D spacetime.