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Particle nature of light and the speed of light

Zifeng Li
Year: 2010 Pages: 4
Keywords: Light, Particle, The speed of light, Measure, Field
What is the nature of light? Particle or wave? How fast is the speed of light? These are all basic questions of physics. From points of philosophy and observation, it is demonstrated that the nature of light is a kind of particle, and many photons?? group behavior is of characteristics similar to the wave. Reflection, diffusion, refraction and transmission of light are all phenomenon of matter??s attraction, absorption and re-emission of photons. Until now, there is no accurate means of measuring the speed of light. For the speed of starlight relative to the earth, the closer to the earth, the closer to the speed of light emitted by a light source on the earth relative to the earth. Physics field is composed of space and tiny particles.