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Cosmology and Quantum Mechanical Unstable States for Helium

Donald G. Carpenter
Year: 1994 Pages: 3
Keywords: redshift, helium atom, wavelength
Precise values are provided for the magnitude of the redshift associated with the helium atom for temporarily absorbed Hd, Fe XIV, NaD , and Ha photons, more details are given regarding the emission wavelengths of the two spin reversal photons that carry away the energy lost by the redshifted photon, and a crude time sequence of pertinent atomic events is suggested. When an Fe XIV photon is fleetingly absorbed with a wavelength of 5,302.30 Angstroms, one spin-reversal photon is emitted with a wavelength of 617,877 Angstroms and the other with 1,040,189. Angstroms. The redshifted photon is emitted with a wavelength of 5,375.84 Angstroms. The amount of the redshift for each single absorption and emission is 0.01387. The redshift per interaction is found to vary by wavelength. This is to be expected.