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Determinations of Electrodynamic Measure: Concerning a Universal Law of Electrical Action

Wilhem Eduard Weber
Year: 1846 Pages: 143
[Treatise at the founding of the Royal Scientific Society of Saxony on the day of the 200th anniversary celebration of Leibniz's birthday, published by the Prince Jablonowski Society, Leipzig 1846, pp. 211-378.] [Translated by Susan P. Johnson and edited by Laurence Hecht and A. K. T. Assis (homepage: http://www.ifi.unicamp.br/~assis/) from Wilhelm Weber, ?Electrodynamische Maassbestimmungen: Ueber ein allgemeines Grundgesetz der elektrischen Wirkung,? Werke, Vol. III: Galvanismus und Electrodynamik, part 1, edited by H. Weber (Berlin: Julius Springer Verlag, 1893), pp. 25-214. The author's notes are represented by [N. A.], the notes by H. Weber, the editor of this third volume of Weber's Werke, are represented by [N. H. W.], while the notes of the editors of this English translation are represented by [N. E.].]