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Abolishing the Wave-Particle Duality Nonsense

Xavier Borg
Year: 2010 Pages: 13
Keywords: photon, wave-particle, particle-wave, duality, light quanta, propagation
This paper describes how waves account for their particulate nature, without the requirement for any particles to be involved. Using geometry and known facts about electromagnetic radiation it explores the truth behind the ghost particle otherwise known as the photon and hence the true nature of light. Through lots of illustrations, it explains quantum topics like duality, light quanta and quantization, all in terms of electromagnetic fields, radiation patterns and antennas, without any need for weird concepts like duality and quantization of the propagating light.

The debate about the true nature of light dates back to the 1600s. Christiaan Huygens proposed light was waves, whilst Isaac Newton came up with his own corpuscular (particle) theory. Since then, preference has flipped to and fro between these two opposing views. Currently the scientific community cannot properly resolve this debate, and it holds that ll waves also have a particle nature, and vice versa.

Also published in The General Science Journal.