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An Infinite Non-Expanding Universe in Dynamic Equilibrium

Richard A. Waldron
Year: 1991 Pages: 2
Keywords: redshift, Olbers's paradox, Non-Expanding Universe
The following is the abstract of a paper Dr. Waldron was to have delivered at the APEIRON Workshop in June of 1990. Dr. Waldron passed away in May of last year, one month before the Workshop. No more detailed treatment of the subject has yet been found among Dr. Waldron?s papers.

Any model of the universe must accommodate two features; it must account for the redshift and it must give an answer to Olbers?s paradox. The model of the photon that emerges from the ballistic theory of light does not permit an explanation of large red-shifts in terms of the Doppler effect, so we conclude that the universe is not expanding. Some other explanation of the redshift, and some other resolution of Olbers?s paradox, are therefore required of the ballistic theory.