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Introduction to the Ontology of Time

Velimir Abramovic
Year: 2008
"What is TIME?

TIME is a being, the world itself, all pervasive ultimate level of existence.

The ontology of TIME is a new branch of metaphysics, which conceives of TIME as a being that is as a fundamental, real, and unique infinity. And it can be unique as it is non-spatial and inextensive.

The concept of the unique infinity is the solution to the aporias of the dual nature of infinity, or the synthesis of the concepts of infinitely large and infinitely small/infinitesimal.

Unique infinity is TIME; it is non-spatial and also independent of its parts: space and matter.

Unique infinite reality or unique physical reality or simply physical reality is at the same time both the basis and the whole of the universe. Natural laws are only attributes of this unique infinity, which generates through internal division (through Plato's monads or diereses) all finite phenomena creating what we call space and matter."