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Solar Physics, Astronomy and Photometry in the Interplanetary Solar Stereoscopic Observatory Project

V. M. Grigoriev
Year: 1999
The main purpose of the project "Interplanetary Solar Stereoscopic Observatory" (ISSO) is the fulfillment of the complex quasi-synchronous supervision of the active processes on the Sun by two identical groups of instruments located in Lagrangian libration points Le, Ls of the "Sun-Earth" system. The project is designed for observations during 11 years and is to be performed after the SOHO experiment.

The scientific basis of the astrometric program for the project ISSO, has been subjected to the support of the main above mentioned problem. Inclusion of astrometric, photometry and celestial mechanics tasks allows to expand and to develop the scientific importance of the project and to raise efficiency of the project as a whole. It is offered to concentrate the program on star parallaxes determination and determination of distances of the Solar System bodies by synchronous observations. The possibility to support the microlensing events observations is proved. The arrangement concept is exposed.

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