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A Possible Theoretical Mass of the Universe Calculated Using The Friedman Dust Universe Model with Einstein\'s Lambda

James G. Gilson
Year: 2010 Pages: 9
Keywords: Cosmology, Dust Universe, Dark Energy, Dark matter, Cosmological Constant, Friedman Equations,
A theoretical value for the total positively gravitating mass of the universe is implied by the mathematical structure of the dust universe model. A simple formula is obtained that gives the value of this mass quantity in terms of Newton\'s gravitational constant, G, the Cosmological constant or Einstein\'s Lambda and the velocity of light, c. This result depends on taking a fundamental view of an epoch time conditioned relation, obtained earlier, between the universe\'s content of positively gravitating mass density and the universe\'s content of negatively gravitating mass density, The value obtained is approximately 2.00789x1053 kg, The approximation aspect depends on the currently measured or assumed values for G and Lambda.