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How Hot Is Cold Fusion?

Frank Gordon
Year: 2010
March 23 2010 marked the 21st anniversary of the announcement by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons that began the modern era of ?cold fusion? with the claim that the heat is produced from the deuterium palladium system exceeded that which could be attributed to chemical reactions and therefore must be nuclear. While most scientist were unsuccessful in replicating the Fleischmann-Pons results, others were successful and over the past 21 years, the effect has been reproduced in laboratories worldwide with results reported in thousands of papers in the peer reviewed literature including 15 major International Conferences and numerous books and reviews. Break-out sessions have been held at the annual conference of both the American Physical Society and the American Chemical Society which recently hosted its 4th multi-day symposium in San Francisco on what are now called Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, LENR.