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Proof of Incorrectness of General Relativity Theory

Jerry Hynecek
Year: 2010 Pages: 6
In this paper it is shown that the General Relativity Theory (GRT), which belongs to a class of Metric Theories of Gravity (MTG), is based on a wrong assumption, contradicts the well established laws of physics and also its own postulate. It is shown that in GRT the velocity of a massive body can exceed the speed of light and that the motion of a test body in an orbit around the centrally gravitating mass does not satisfy the conservation of angular momentum. Finally, it is shown that GR theory also violates the Gauss law. The proof rests on a comparison of the Schwarzschild metric, derived from Einstein\'s field equations, with a new metric from which the Schwarzschild metric can be also derived as a first order approximation but which is not derived from Einstein\'s field equations.