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A New Mechanism to Explain Observations Incompatible with the Big Bang

Paul Marmet
Year: 1991 Pages: 6
Keywords: Big Bang, observations, redshift, Doppler phenomenon

The Big Bang model describing the origin of the Universe has been accepted mainly on account of the lack of alternatives to explain certain observations. This model, in which the redshift of remote galaxies is interpreted as a Doppler phenomenon, runs into impossible difficulties with the cosmological background at 3 K because this background is too homogeneous. Many observations, such as the redshift on the solar limb, the redshift of hot binary stars, the K-effect and a plethora of other observations, are not compatible with current theories. An alternate mechanism is described which yields a redshift without Doppler effect. This mechanism is already confirmed by several observations, and leads to an unlimited Universe model. Results are compared with proposals made by Halton Arp.