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The Nature of the Universe (Quantum Dipole as Elementary Structural Unit of the Universe)

Peter Kohut
Year: 2010 Pages: 20
?What is an elementary structural unit of the Universe (matter, space)?? I decided that in any case, I have to discover the answer to this and other questions. The studying of system science ? cybernetics showed me, that information is constructed of two states represented by two digits 0 and 1. So, in order to construct a composite structure, the necessary and sufficient condition is to have two different states. The search for the substance of the Universe (matter, space) forced me not only to limit my interest in cybernetics but also to pay attention to philosophy. In Hegel?s philosophy and his ?Logic?, I discovered the dialectical bipolar essence of matter. By in-deep study of this philosophy I was able to gradually find the answers to the basic questions of physics. After that, I tried to transfer my philosophical knowledge into mathematical form.