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Light Is Transmitted By Photons

Robert A. Kerr
Year: 2010
Dr. Glen Borchardt is a great Physicist. However, he makes one significant mistake when he states that ?Light is not transmitted by photons?. Photons are the smallest detectable mass particle. They are detected and quantitated by their pressure which is temperature. Equalibrium establishes that they have the highest velocity of any detectable mass particle. Their energy is transferred to all particles of greater mass by impact. The energy transmitted is limited by photon reflection time. Hence, the reflection time is least for the most massive particle. Therefore, the transferred energy is greatest to the smallest target particle which is the electron.

Particle mass concentrations form from the mutual shielding between particles. As they grow the particles are compressed until their interstices are smaller than the impacting particles. A larger electron particle has been formed. The electron is the only fluid particle that reflects photon impulse. The same fielding mechanics forms the proton whose interstices are penetrated by both photons and electrons.

All concentrations of mass are unlimited in size until their external pressure can not contain their mass content. They burst into nova's releasing their internal pressure. This creates the cycle of the universe. It's existence and the related mechanics is substantiated by the fluid behavior of a thunder storm.

Photon pressure (temperature) evaporates water forming smaller droplets. The smaller droplets increase the surface area adsorbing electrons. The vapor rises because water droplets are formed from two hydrogen and one oxygen atom which is lighter then atmospheric particles. As atmospheric pressure decreases with altitude the water vapor forms smaller droplets separated by electron pressure. The smaller droplets form clouds. Further cooling increases droplet size reducing droplet surface area causing lightning bolts. The larger droplets produce rain and increase electron pressure. The voltage velocity is less than the velocity of light and the thunder occurs with the speed sound. The lightning bolt emits photons traveling at light velocity. This proves that light is transmitted by photons. Q. E. D