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Instant Gravity and Real Time Astronomy in a Real Time Universe

Satya Pal Asija
Year: 2010 Pages: 4
Keywords: reality, real time, real, time, unified, astronomy. light, geocentric, heliocentric, galactocentric, anthropic, anthroptimum, omnicentric, anthropocentric, science, Aristotle, Galileo, Newton, motioi
This paper and concomitant presentation comprise insights into reality of real time astronomy as well as local instant gravity in real time universe as a subset of the infinitude of nested worlds. Upfront are a few assumptions and definitions of elusive terms such as light, gravity, mass, time and real time astronomy to name a few and their nexus to URL (Universal Relationship Law) which is comparable in scope to Newton\'s UGL (Universal Gravitation Law). Reality of light and a theory of locally created gravity are then explored in greater detail and put in the perspective of real time astronomy. A prima facie case is made for motion of our mencro scale world as the cause and gravity as the result that is derived from common everyday human experience, to which we can all easily relate. Gravity does not make the world go around but world going around makes gravity go. The presentation is founded on the unity of truth and one reality. Real Time astronomy is not a look back at Big Bang. Relationship between real time astronomy and quantum physics is not a coincidence. Universe is not geocentric, heliocentric or galactocentric, but is anthropic, anthropocentric, omnicentric and even panthroptimum. A helpful tool in my quest for real time astronomy is purging of erroneous knowledge especially if it originated from such icons of science as Aristotle, Galileo, Newton, Darwin and Einstein. A prominent role is played by two minor corrections to Newton\'s first law of motion as well as two minor corrections to Einstein\'s special relativity theory and how engineers by trial and error made GPS (Global Positioning System) work, in spite of the wrong science.