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Spatial Fluctuation of the Hubble "Constant"

Jean-Claude Pecker
Jean Pierre Vigier
Toivo Jaakkola
Year: 1990 Pages: 6
Keywords: redshift asymmetry non-Doppler intergalactic

Six samples of objects have been analyzed in order to check whether the redshift asymmetry discovered by Rubin et al. is a general effect. The results for all samples are consistent with the existence of the asymmetry. Its average magnitude is = 1300 + 210 km/s. The asymmetry vanishes at large distances. Various interpretations of the effect have been discussed. Arguments are given in favour of a non-Doppler redshift occurring in the intergalactic space within the Local Supergalaxy and other concentrations of galaxies.

This article was written in 1975, and has remained unpublished until now. It is published here in the hope that it will stimulate fresh thinking on the controversial issue of non-velocity "cosmological" redshifts.